Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Zoe and I were the best dressed girls at the survival campout, wearing this lightweight vest (White Sierra Women's Traveler Vest) with pockets galore. Runs small. 

This is going to be about how to be the best-dressed girl bugging out for the apocalypse. In the book BEYOND the STRANDLINE, Tess uses a hunting vest for all her daily gear.

Think pockets.

First) plan a camping trip. Second) put all the stuff you think you’re going to need on the dining room table. Third) figure out how much of the stuff is necessary and how much you’re going to have to ditch along the apocalypse trail.

Historical Side Note: When the first pioneers started west, they packed their wagons with all kinds of foolish choices: China cabinets, stoves, furniture, and pianos. Most of it wound up dumped alongside the trail. Experience taught the pioneers that basic equipment was best: tools, weapons, seeds, and food for the journey.

My experience has taught me that for apocalyptic bugging out and camping in general there is nothing more helpful, more useful, and more needed than pockets. Greatest invention known to man.

The Army understands the importance of a place for everything and everything in its place, and pockets are a staple of Army packs, sacks, and pants. Take a hint.

On our survival campout, Zoe and I were required to hike in all our gear and food. We are not big folks. Because we are both little, I knew that having a decent vest with plenty of handy pockets would be our best bet.

It was tricky to find a vest that wasn’t too heavy since we live in Florida. Searching Amazon I used keywords like light-weight, camping, vest, women’s, and it still took me awhile. Pockets a must!

Another thought:  I’m wondering if setting up my vest as a “bug-out” vest might be my best bet. Something I can throw on easily and quickly and keep equipped with basic survival gear: fire starter, para-cord, some water, pocket knife, sharpener, wet wipes, etc. with a backpack or duffle bag for heavier seventy-two hour type gear. Think. Think. Think. Plan. Plan. Plan.

And look for pockets.

Linda (Kangaroo) Zern