Friday, January 22, 2016


Here comes the storm. At my age, I’m not overly surprised that there are storms in winter, hurricanes in summer, power outages, power surges, and general rough patches in life.

As the mother of a combat soldier in the United States of American army, I’ve also seen what can happen when man-made disasters crash down on the world. My son spent six years in combat in some of the most challenging and dangerous areas of the world. He and his fellow soldiers learned how to survive—literally.

Out of all the stuff we sent to Forward Operating Bases, he was happy to let us know that one of the most versatile, useful things we could and did send to him were wet wipes, wet wipes without perfume.

They cleaned the grit off their weapons, vehicles, equipment, wounds, and themselves.  He said that they used wet wipes for everything, on everything. Send more.

We did.

It’s my storm advice.  Stock up on wet wipes. Being clean has psychological benefits, not to be underestimated. Being clean keeps you healthy. And when you’ve got your health . . . let the storms rage. 

Wet wipes have a shelf life. They dry out. And I’ve had them go “bad.”  So long term storage becomes a question. If you dry packed them in a number ten can, would they last longer? Most likely. It would be interesting to check that out.