Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pockets in Progress

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the bug-out vest idea. I’m going to call this post my pockets in progress . . .

What I’ve included and why, and what I’ve learned:

Pocketknife – A good pocketknife is an absolute must, and what I’ve learned from my good friend, Lisa, is that a sharpener is a must. Knives dull fast. And there’s nothing worse than needing a sharp edge on a knife and not being able to get one. This sharpener is too big, so I’ll be looking for something smaller and more portable.

Fire Starter – I’ve shown two different kinds here. One takes two hands to use, but the other is one handed, which might come in handy in you were hurt . . . Something to think about.

A Whistle – An absolute must.  Three sharp, short whistles = the international symbol for trouble.

Chapstick – Nothing worse than chapped, sore lips. I figured this out from trail riding on my horse. Being miserable does not help.

Headlamp – Flashlights are right out. Headlamps are the only way to go, frees up your hands to fight off bears and such.

SOCKS – Dry socks are my one important psychological boost. Wet socks depress me.

Pen & Notepaper – Something I wouldn’t have thought of, once upon a time, but I’ve come to appreciate the importance of being able to communicate.

Cord – For so many, many things, and the Boy Scouts were right. Learn to tie knots!!!

Transpiration bag – Collect water from the air.

Water – Because I don’t have any purification tablets or a Lifestraw yet. Hikers and campers swear by the Lifestraw, and I’d like to look into it.

BANDANA or SCARF – For everything else.  Truly.

Linda (Bug Out Proof) Zern