Monday, November 16, 2015

What do you know about FREEZE DRIED foods??

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Lots of variety

Have you ever wondered if you’d like to use FD foods? Wondered how and what?? Do they taste good, and do they really rehydrate and taste “mostly” like fresh or canned foods? For the most part, the answer is yes! Here are some tips from the Survival Mom book.   
*Do you use a lot of fruits and veggies? Jot down the ones you buy each week. Use these interchangeably with your regular recipes. These are tasty eaten right out of the can!
*You have a favorite pasta dish? You might try FD crumbled sausage (good stuff!), dehydrated onions, FD cheese (rehydrates like fresh). AND, that macaroni or spaghetti you already have in your pantry.
*What about staples? I don’t buy things pre-canned like sugar, salt, etc. But, I do like having small cans of baking powder, baking soda, etc. They are a bit bigger and store well.
*Emergency meals. FD just add water meals could be a lifesaver in an emergency. Many companies sell meals that can be cooked/heated in the original bag. I like these for my 72 hr. kits. BUT….they ALL taste differently. I’d buy the smallest size to try before buying a #10 can.
*Meats. They have come a LONG way in the last several years. Competing companies have helped bring more variety in the product itself and in packaging. If you have several casserole type meals…this is a great place to try out FD meats.
*Convenience. Some companies sell veggies packaged for soup. What an easy way to throw a dinner together….emergency or not!

Image result for free images of freeze dried foods
LOTS of different companies~
I have been building this part of my pantry for several years. I use them sparingly because of the expense.  I only buy what’s on sale, usually from Emergency Essentials. However, I have friends who use them all the time, saying it’s the easiest way to get food on the table.  The MOST important thing to remember about FOOD STORAGE is that it’s your pantry and your family. Build a pantry that can serve you!

Here's the link to THE SURVIVAL MOM's post about FD foods.