Wednesday, October 28, 2015


“So, Mom, how’s the bomb shelter under the barn coming along?”  Sounds of random tittering accompanied the question. “Where you hiding the dirt?”

“What makes you think I’m going to tell you, you mockity, mock, mockers?”

“Because we have your grandchildren.”

True. When I store food, plan for emergencies, and imagine various disaster scenarios it’s not the adults that I think about. It’s the children.

I have eyes. I watch cable news. I can see what’s happening everywhere around the world.

I can read. I know history. I am under no illusions that this country ‘putting a man on the moon’ a long time ago is some kind of lucky charm against trouble and upheaval. I’m not that arrogant.

This country is one good trucker’s strike and seventy-two hours away from anarchy and real hunger should the food disappear from that Walmart down the road. I have twelve grandchildren. They need me to be thinking ahead.

They need me to be smart about prepping for potential trouble. Our children need the adults in their lives to be smart about the future.

In a recent article (The British People Preparing for the End of the World) from BBC News, I enjoyed the comments of one gentleman when asked to explain his prepping lifestyle. From the article . . .

His view, however, is that prepping is simply about remaining in control.

"It's not just about the end of the world, we prepare for everything - what would happen if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you have enough food and money to survive and provide for your family?"

The name Roach comes from Michael's YouTube channel, armouredcockroach, where he shares examples of his prepping with other people around the globe. He believes those who do not prepare are naive.

"When people say 'Roach, I can't believe you're a prepper', I reply with, 'I can't believe you aren't'. It's important we don't underestimate how quickly things could turn sour."

[He] admits he is taking it too far in the eyes of many, but he insists prepping is a broad concept and many of us are prepared whether we know it or not.

"You could put every spare penny you have in the bank for a rainy day, that's prepping. You could pay your mortgage off 10 years early. Whatever you decide you need to do to prepare for the future, that makes you a prepper."

I’m a prepper. I like the idea of “remaining in control” as much as that is even possible in this crazy world. I like knowing I have something to offer my family in times of trouble.

Don’t be silly; I’m not building a bomb shelter—yet.

Linda (Stock Up) Zern