Sunday, October 4, 2015

There will ALWAYS be a grocery store...what's the big deal??

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Did you know that it takes about 3 days for a grocery store to be completely depleted in an emergency? Or that most grocery stores have no "storage" in the back anymore? Have you seen grocery workers with their little "guns" clicking on tags where the item is either almost out or totally out? That process is what's known as "on time delivery". It's efficient. It keeps stores from having to keep stock in the back....with no money (product) just sitting around. It's really great, except when there is an emergency. What you see (or in an emergency, don't see) is what there is in the store. Have you ever tried to get bread and milk if there is a storm brewing in your area??

Wise and prudent people look ahead and plan. You may not be a "prepper" like in "Beyond The Strandline", but you may be feeling like it might be a good idea to put some items aside...just in case. Here are a few things to begin thinking about regarding food, in preparing for "just in case". 

Three Month Supply-I think this is the easiest place to begin. This is food you eat all the time. To begin, write down the meals you eat for the next week. Record breakfast, lunch, and dinner...including ALL that you eat. Don't just write down "Beef Stroganoff", include a veggie, noodles, bread, dessert, drinks. At the end of the week, take a sheet of paper and write down for each meal all the components of each meal. (IE: Beef Stroganoff- beef chunks, noodles, soup, broth, mushrooms, sour cream, spices, green beans, french bread, water.)  Do this for each week for one month. I make a very simple spreadsheet (handwritten!) with ingredients written down, putting like things together. (Meats, sauces, soups, veggies, fruits, etc.) If you use cream of mushroom soup for 3 meals, make sure you mark it down for each meal. Then, multiply by 3 and you have a "buying" sheet for a 3 month supply. Next, start watching for sales on your items and begin stocking! Try not to be overwhelmed...every little bit you do is a step forward. Here are a couple tips- (1) If broth is on sale and I need it this week for dinner...I buy one for my meal and at least one more to "put away". I don't touch that until I have enough for my 3 month supply. Then, I start rotating. (2) Put money aside from your regular grocery money to build your supply. Even $5 a week will eventually add up!

Before you know it, your pantry can look like this. Wouldn't that be comforting? And, bring peace if YOU had an emergency??

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