Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Little Steps can mean a BIG difference!

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Google "free images for menu planning"

How are you doing with your menu planning? Have you written down a week's worth of meals? I put a piece of paper up on my fridge and I jot down the meal as I do it! I'm not good at planning ahead with exactly what I'm having for dinner. I usually look in the weekly flyers and see what's on sale and looks good. Here is one of my favorite menu planners. 

I can write down in the box what we had for dinner and then follow thru with ingredients below. It helps remind me I need to do that part, too. I keep working them until I've run out of my usual dinners. Then, I've got a good idea of what we REALLY eat and what I need to stock up on. 

If a "trial or disaster" of some type were to hit your family, would you like this pantry?

Image result for free images of empty food storage pantry                                                                                                

Or one that looks like this?? It takes work, but YOU can do it!
Image result for free images of food storage pantry