Saturday, October 17, 2015

Questions, Questions.....are there any answers??

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Start With Great Questions to Find Great Answ

One of the questions I had when reading "Beyond the Strandline" was about Tessla and her family. They are in the car going somewhere and know that there are threats everywhere. Did they leave their house with the "important" things? Items that would help them survive? How did her Dad figure out a safe way back to the Strandline after her Mom was taken?? Was he familiar with the area? Did he know different ways to get there??? 

Image result for free images of bug out bagsIf you don't want to get caught unprepared...
Then Prepare!

This is a good first step: Put together a "bug-out" bag. Or a "we broke down" bag, or a "it was good weather when we started" bag. Whatever you want to call it,  Just. Do. It. I have a friend who has awesome BOB bags in her vehicle. I haven't done that. But, what I have done is make a good "kit" that I keep in the car at all times. I have traveled a lot up and down the East Coast I-95 area. I've had a few close calls with wrecks, major traffic jams, broken down vehicles, etc. Each time something happens, I add to my bag. That's because I figured out I needed "this" and didn't have it! 

Here are the items I keep in my "bag": (not in order of importance)

  Baby wipes/clorox wipes
  Poncho/Emergency Blanket
  First Aid kit
  Glow Sticks
  Pepper spray
  N95 Mask
  Toilet paper
  Large garbage bag
  Pepper spray
  Gloves (work and medical)
  Hand warmers
  Hard candy

Most of this stuff can be found in your house right now, or at your local Walmart. Find a bag/bucket/ziplock, etc. and make it your next goal! It's not the BEST ever BOB...but, it'll help in a pinch and you'll have something to build on as you learn and gain experience. 

Southeastern United States

Next question? Why would this be helpful??