Thursday, December 3, 2015


Spent last weekend at the Authors for Authors Book Fair, selling books, chatting with authors, and explaining “prepper” fiction. My book “Beyond the Strandline” is realistic “prepper fiction.”

It was fascinating. There were definitely two camps of readers: those that were looking for books on cats or cats on books or escape to cat land and those that not only understood “prepper” fiction but were in to it.

The cat crowd was definitely the larger group. Please understand; I like cats and books about cats. I, myself, own some cat books. I have a cat.

But I have always enjoyed books that invited a reader into scenarios that stretched my understanding of what might be and placed me in worlds that require something of the characters involved and vicariously—me.

What would I do if my home were threatened by brutal civil war as in Gone With the Wind, and how would I save Tara?

Would I have the courage to pull the trigger and sacrifice my friend, Flag, like in The Yearling to ensure the survival of my family?

Where would I go to find salt, an essential nutrient for human health, in a collapse situation like that in Alas Babylon?

Prepper fiction allows us to safely peek through the windows of science fiction where the stakes are high, the consequences life altering, and the choices resulting in life and death.

Prepper fiction is the stuff of heroes and solar storms.

Cat books are good too.  

   It's all about the sun . . . or **solar flares. #beyondthestrandline WHAT IF?