Friday, December 4, 2015

Getting ready for Winter....are you??

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Here are two ideas that might come in handy for your family.  The first is one that I hadn’t gone into such depth, but can see many benefits! It’s putting in EMERGENCY numbers in your cell phone. If you have a smartphone, you can just look up these numbers. However, under stressful circumstances, the ability to easily scroll to what you need could be very helpful. Take a few minutes of your time to be prepared! Here are some important ones, but think of your family and those places you’d want to be able to contact easily! You’ll need to figure out a way to list them so they POP on your phone list.

ICE-with your next of kin emergency numbers                      Local Fire & Police
Water, Power & Gas companies                                              Poison Control
Nearby hospitals                                                                   Doctor(s)
Neighbors                                                                              Towing or AAA
Insurance Agent                                                                    Co-workers/Boss
Church (Pastor, etc.)

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While we’re getting ready for Winter….Do you have an emergency car kit….IN YOUR CAR?? Gather these items up, many will already be in your home, get a box and in they go~
  • bottled water
  • packaged food (protein bars, nuts, etc.)
  • blanket
  • package of body and hand warmers (these work well inside gloves and shoes)
  • flares
  • flashlight
  • jumper cables
  • rope/chain
  • small shovel and windshield scraper
  • kitty litter
  • battery operated weather radio
  • batteries
  • extra clothes (including socks/insulated shoes)
  • thick jacket and hat, gloves, ear muffs
  • extra cellphone charger (or battery backup)
  • TP/wipes
If you usually travel with babies or small kids, then you will want to include these extras:

  • extra food and water                                                          Dry formula you can mix with water
  • extra clothing and blankets                                                 infant or children’s Tylenol
  • diapers                                                                                Toy or game to keep them occupied