Monday, September 7, 2015

WATER...easy ideas for prepping!

Image result for free water storage picturesImage result for free water storage pictures
Image result for free PETE bottle picturesImage result for free water bottle pictures    Here are some different sizes of containers you can use to store water. The top left is a 55 gallon drum with a spigot (usually bought online from "prep" type stores like Emergency Essentials), top right is 5-7 gallon containers (can get from Walmart, and notice that they stack??), bottom left picture you can get anywhere! The bottom right picture....recognize the containers?? (it's a secret!)

 Remember in our last post, we talked about a minimum of 2 gallons per day, per person. These are a couple ways to approach the problem. I have used just ordinary 1 gallon water jugs from the grocery store. These are straight from the store with their "seal" on them. I put them in my bathroom closet and they lasted 3 years there before 1 sort of leaked. I have replaced the water in them twice with no problems.  My favorite are DeerPark gallons, which are stack-able if you can get the cardboard they are shipped in. Each week I picked up several until I had the amount I needed for my family. I also buy the water bottle cases from Costco that are now stacked in my pantry and marked "For 72 hr. Kit Use ONLY". Recently I had a friend find me a couple used 55 gallon drums (food grade ONLY) a garage sale. She cleaned and scrubbed them well and they are ready to use. The difference in price?? $4 each at the garage sale, and around $90 new. HOWEVER, I was saving my money to purchase them new because I felt it was worth the cost to have a couple of these filled and ready for use in an emergency. Last, but not least, is the "secret" picture. They are PETE bottles, being "re-purposed". The picture shows them filled with food, but they are great for storing water. PETE is a label (grading the plastic) which means it is FOOD GRADE (check the bottom of the container and your should see it imprinted). Once washed well they are reusable for food or water. We use soda bottles, juice bottles in various sizes, even reuse our 20 oz. soda bottles. They are FREE!! And, you're helping the planet :) Make a goal this week to bring in enough water for your family for ONE day.