Monday, September 14, 2015

....another kind of help from your friends....

From the beginning people have asked the question, "How did Col. Kennedy know to get prepared and how did he do it"?

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This past weekend in my end of the woods (central NC) there was an "Emergency Prep/Food Storage Fair"...and, the sign said ALL WELCOME! I grabbed another like minded friend and off we went. It was AWESOME...especially if you were just getting into being prepared. Here are some of the booths they had: Gardening (with free seeds!), How to build a 3 month supply, Canning and Dehydrating (with totally tasty samples of jerky from chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and deer), Beekeeping, 72 hr. kits for men, women, children and the elderly, Fire building, Ham Radio, with several others and the most wonderful display of a Food Storage Pantry! Another great thing was they had classes to give a bit more instruction from the displays they had on their tables. One really helpful thing they did was to have a table with food samples from your Pantry....the tricky stuff (oats, wheat, rice, etc.)! Like, what do you do with Wheat Berries? I don't like "mushy" foods like oatmeal and cooked wheat berry cereal, which makes my wheat limited in how I can use it! They cooked a Wheat Pudding....sounds icky, doesn't it?? It was AWESOME! I'm pickier than most kids and I really liked it. Not too sweet, not too mushy....just right. That one new tip for me was worth the hour drive!

So, what does this have to do with Col. Kennedy?? Where do you think he learned his skills?? Where did he find "like-minded" people like Gwen and the others? What kind of people know where to find the "weird" stuff we preppers need? Look around your area. Google Self Reliance Expo Fairs. Take your notebook and start asking questions. Preparedness people LOVE to share what they know and are usually happy to help in any way they can!

Have more questions? Let us know!