Saturday, September 5, 2015

I need clean what??

Image result for water pollution pictures free download     If this were to cease to exist today, what are you going to do for clean water for your family??

In Beyond the Strandline the story begins with "civilization" already in tatters. City water and sewer are long gone. Col. Kennedy had prepared on the ranch for long term water solutions. There were streams and water sources on the property, however, these too had problems. They had to solve their problems differently than we do now. (At least for the time being!) Here are some ideas to get you started thinking!

**Do you have a functioning well on your property? Do you share that well with others? (Who would have access to that water?? Can you protect its purity?) Do you have a hand pump or a generator as back-up to make that well function if there is no electricity? 

**Do you keep at least a 72 hr supply in your home? suggests the minimum of 2 gallons, per day, per person. (Water is an inexpensive way to get started preparing. Each trip to the store, pick up a couple gallons.) This gives you one to drink, one to use for hygiene and cooking. Here is an average breakdown for usage in the US: 

· Toilet - 19 gallons per day
· Bathing & hygiene - 15 gallons per day
· Laundry - eight gallons per day
· Kitchen - seven gallons per day
· Housekeeping - one gallon per day 

 **Purifying and Filtering.  Do you know what can sicken and kill people the fastest? Dirty water. There are cheap and easy ways to begin storing items to help you. Bleach. Water purification tablets. Personal water filters. You can research different ways to clean your water. Read up and then go visit some outdoor stores like ProBass and Field and Stream, REI, etc. Many Walmarts carry a good camping section with water filters, etc.

Next up??? Review of different options...for preparing today and for long term solutions.